Flip the Classroom – study at home, exercise during class

Have your students study at home and organize an interactive PresentersWall quiz during class to test their theoretical knowledge. By actively engaging your students in class, they remain interested and are less likely to lose their focus. PresentersWall also allows you to quickly check the knowledge of your students by having them answer one or several questions before class, or having them summarize the core of the theory in a message afterwards.

Big lectures

During big lectures it is often hard for students to ask questions to the professor. PresentersWall offers you the solution! Let your students send their questions with their smartphone and create a total overview on-screen.


Present your questions and statements and ask your students for their opinion. In this way you can start an interactive and interesting discussion during your seminar.

PresentersWall in education

The PresentersWall online presentation tool is widely used at educational institutions. Various Dutch universities fully licensed PresentersWall to make lectures interactive.

PresentersWall is connected to the international network Surfnet, the service organisation for ICT in higher education. Using this connection, students and teachers can log in to PresentersWall.

PresentersWall has an attractive pricing for educational institutions. Contact us for more information. .